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Seminar Schedule

Course Objective

For EECS IGP Students

Specifically designed for the international graduate (Master & Ph.D.) students enrolled in NYCU ECE & CS Colleges

30++ English Seminar

We will collect at least 30 seminars from NYCU, NTHU that are delivered in English. You are free to attend any of them.


These seminars will be given in irregular intervals depending on the visiting periods of our guests


The time and venue of these seminars will be sent via email to all students who are enrolled in this course.


Every enrolled student must submit 8 seminar reports categorized as below:

  • SHORT REPORT: one-page summary of the attended 6 seminars in the following semester. Submission deadline: the Sunday Midnight (23:59) of the same week.
  • LONG REPORT: at least four-pages detailed report of any 2 attended seminars in the following semester. Submission deadline: End of semester.

NOTE: Plagiarism will not be tolerated!

Seminar Contact

If you have any questions or problems regarding seminar course, please contact the seminar organizer or teaching assistants.


Prof. Wen-Whei Chang (

Teaching Assistant