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NYCU Research and Development

International Conference & Publication

Regarding the regulation of conference and publication for graduate students, please refer to NYCU Research and Development website for more information.

Subsidy Rules from MOST

Outline Description of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Ph.D. Research Students Attending International Conference (Moving Forward Top University Proposal Overseas Business Trip Expense Type C)

  • In respond to execute the need of research students (Ph.D.) of each college attending international conference to publish thesis on “Moving Forward Top University Proposal” (hereinafter top university proposal), Research and Development Unit plans the budget of oversea trip subsidy. The application procedure will be dealt with according to “National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Ph.D. research students attending international conference expense application method”.
  • Research students (Ph.D.) who receive subsidy of attending international conference to publish theses by “Top University Proposal” will handle the expense according to the relevant operation of auditing and writing off operation and oversea business report.
  • Required documents of expense verification (students who have received approval must read it in details):
    1. Oversea business trip expense verification list
    2. Verification receipts (stick on verification list)
    3. Application list of the expense paid in advance
    4. Application list of business trip (i.e. leave application; the form can be downloaded according to number 4 listing list)
    5. Official letter of subsidy expense approval
    6. Meeting agenda or invitation (with conference time, location)
    7. Oversea report checking list and oversea report book

Must Have Documents
for Expense Reimbursement

  1. Expense Report
  2. Original receipts of transportation ticket (including all boarding pass, E-ticket, etc…) & conference registration fee.
  3. Official Document from MOST which approves the subsidy.
  4. Official proof of NYCU student leave system. Students should complete the application for your leave via provided link before you attend the conference.
  5. Acceptance Letter which includes the title of your paper and conference, time, and venue.
  6. Download your conference report.
  7. Attach the hard-copy of your conference report for expense reimbursement.