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Degree Oral Examination Procedure

Template & Reference Format

Master student need to submit the thesis proposal 6 months prior to oral degree exam.

Ph.D. student need to submit the dissertation proposal within 4 years of his / her study.

1 Month
Prior to Oral Exam

Please provide the hard-copy of following documents to the office EECS IGP 1 month prior to the application for the degree oral examination.

    1. One hard-copy of the Degree Oral Examination Application Form with the signature of your thesis or dissertation advisor.
    2. One hard-copy of the List of Members of Degree Oral Examination Committee. If your exam committee member is not a faculty member of university, please provide a short CV (with his/her publication list if applicable).
    3. One hard-copy of your research outcome (for Ph.D. only).

Please sent the soft-copy the following documents to the email of EECS IGP executive assistant (Email Subject: Student Name & ID – Thesis/Disertation Draft & Turnitin Report) :

    1. Thesis / Dissertation Draft
    2. Turnitin report (check it via E3 System)

1 Week
Prior to Oral Exam

    • Please send an invitation which indicates your exam date, time and venue to all exam committee members.
    • Please email the draft of your thesis to EECS executive assistant and all exam committee members.
    • Please obtain a package from the EECS IGP assistant. The package should include the following items:
      1. Receipts for the oral exam fee and parking permits for non-NYCU members of the examination committee
      2. Oral exam grading sheet (every member of the committee should have one)
      3. Thesis Validation
      4. Result table of Degree Oral Examination

*The above (1)~(4) documents should be submitted to the office of EECS International Graduate Program after your oral exam.

1 Day
Prior to Oral Exam

  • Please prepare and pretest a projector if it is needed.
  • Please prepare snacks and drinks for members of the exam committee.

After Passing Oral Exam

Before Uploaded:

    • After the examination, the thesis should be revised based on the suggestions of the members of the committee. The revised thesis should be certified by your thesis advisor and checked so that its format satisfies the specifications of a standard thesis paper with no typographical errors. After revision, the final version of the thesis can be stapled and uploaded.
    • Log in to NYCU Electronic Theses & Dissertation System to upload your thesis.

Uploaded Documents:

Item Documents Necessity Printed Thesis Electronic Full Text PDF File Descriptions Download
1 Turnitin Comparison Report Required × × Re-upload Thesis → Conducted Comparison again Complete it in the system
2 Full text of the thesis (including abstract…etc.) Required Your full text of the thesis
3 Thesis Approval Form Required × Attach with your Thesis Approval Document
4 Academic Originality Comparison Report for the Thesis Required × × Upload with the full comparison report
5 Statement of Academic Ethics and Originality Comparison Required × × Fill in the form and attach it to the Appendix Click
6 NYCU Thesis Format Form Required × Signature with Advisor and Dept. before uploaded Click
7 Authorization to Copyright of ETD (Electronic Thesis/Dissertation) Required × Show up after uploaded Download from the system
8 Letter of Authorization to the database vendors of ETD Optional × × There is no need if there are no database vendor Download from the system
9 Application for Embargo of Thesis/Dissertation Required × Only for Embargo Thesis/Dissertation Click
10 NYCU Information and Co-author Contribution Statement of Thesis by Publication Required × Only required for the thesis by publication Click

After Uploaded:

    • After submission of the thesis, the system will automatically send a notice to the office of the EECS IGP notifying the status of the thesis. If the thesis needs further correction, the system will send the student a notice via email. Please check your email frequently.
    • When you receive the successful submission notice of EECS IGP, please inform your advisor for the second review.


Obtain Diploma & Leave School

School Leaving System:

      • Please submit the NYCU Graduation Procedures form on the School Leaving System(login through the NYCU portal)
        1. Please obtain the approval your thesis advisor and request him/her to check in the THESIS CHECKING section on their system.
        2. Make sure to sign on the authorization to Copyright of your thesis in the 2 hardcopies of your thesis.
        3. Make sure you return all public belongings, such as keys from your lab, and books or videos from the library.
        4. After you complete all the stamps on the form, please submit the form to the Registrar to obtain your diploma.

Thesis Printed:

      • For master’s students, the cover page of the thesis should be YELLOW. For PhD students, the cover page of the thesis should be RED and with a hardcover.

    * Printed Company Suggestion
    Company Name(School):虹複印行
    Location:NYCU EC125A, 1st Floor
    Contact Number:0955265001

      • Submit 1 hard copy of your thesis (final version) to the Library and 1 hard copy of your thesis to the registrar division.
      • Please remember to attach the Authorization for Public Access of Electronic Thesis/Dissertation form, Doctoral Dissertation Recommendation Form, Thesis Approval Form, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Information and Co-author Contribution Statement of Thesis by Publication form in your Thesis.

Final Graduation Approval Procedure

(Must be signed by advisor first then you)

1. After you start your leaving school procedure, please remind your advisor to check in first with his/her NYCU portal – Final Approval system. (check-in unit order: advisor, department, other divisions, student)

2. Login via NYCU portal and follow the steps below. 

NYCU Portal > 陽明交通大學> 畢業專區 > Final Approval. 


4. Final Approval will redirect you to the website below. You will see your name and student ID. Then press the button in the red box. It will take a while to load.

5. Your page should appear like this. The check in system must be done in the following order so the next person can check in (Unit Order: Advisor > Department > Other school divisions > student). Therefore, please remind your advisor to check in first so we can proceed with the check-in order. 

If the status in the big red box is “通過” passed on every units, only then you can click the check-in button. Finally, the registrar division will proceed with the rest. Good Job!