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[COVID-19] Safety Reminders

Dear all,

Good afternoon.The semester is coming to an end soon and we have some reminders for you:
1. Traveling abroad 

In order for our office and the university’s Health Center to follow-up with students during re-entry and quarantine, please be reminded to complete the attached departure form (with the signature/stamp of your advisor and head of department/institute) and submit to our office (1F of Administration Building) at least 1 week before your departure.

If you will be absent from classes during your travel, please be reminded to apply for leave and make sure to get approval from course instructors and your department/institute before you travel so that you will not be marked as absent and thus affect your course grades.

Student leave system: NYCU Portal > NYCU Campus > Students Leave System

Please make sure that your ARC should not expire during your travel abroad otherwise you will not be able to enter immigration during re-entry.

If you are currently receiving scholarship awards, please make sure to clarify with the scholarship coordinator Ms. Fei-Chin whether there are any additional restrictions and requirements for traveling abroad during the award period.
2. Self-health protection and precaution for COVID-19Due to the recent rise in confirmed cases on the campus, please avoid clustering and gathering with others and wear a mask whenever you leave your room.Please be reminded to follow the Taiwan CDC as well as the university’s guideline for epidemic prevention:
NYCU COVID-19 reporting procedures (important)NYCU Chiaotung Campus Dormitory Quarantine Guideline (for dorm lodgers)

3. COVID-19 Antigen Test KitThe Taiwan CDC has launched a name-based rationing system for at home COVID-19 test kits.

Each person may buy one pack of test kits per month. Each pack contains 5 test kits.Where to buy: NHI contracted pharmacies (look for NHI sign): How to buy: prepare your NHI/ARC and NT500 for one pack of test kit.ARC number ends with an odd number: buy test kits on Mondays, Wednesdays and FridaysARC number ends with an even number: buy test kits on Tuesdays, Thursdays and SaturdaysSunday: open to both odd/even numbers

List of NHI contracted pharmacies in Hsinchu

Map of NHI contracted pharmacies in Hsinchu

List of NHI contracted pharmacies in Taiwan
Stay healthy, stay safe.

Best Regards,