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[COVID-19] Safety Reminders

Dear all, Good afternoon.The semester is coming to an end soon and we have some reminders for you:1. Traveling abroad  In order for our office and the university’s Health Center to follow-up with students during re-entry and quarantine, please be reminded to complete the attached… Read More »[COVID-19] Safety Reminders

Open House 2022

Dear all,The ongoing open house seminars are delivered in Chinese. we are sorry for the inconvenience. If you still want to attend these, you can join. There will be a job fair organized by OIA on the 22nd of May 2021.Please keep your eye on… Read More »Open House 2022

OPen House 2021

The long-awaited ‘Open House’ for this semester is here . The schedule is as below: 03/15(Mon) Venue: Library B1 (International Conference Hall) -> Institute for Information Industry (17:40 – 18:30) -> Synopsys (18:50 – 19:40) 03/16(Tue) Venue: CPT 101 -> MediaTek (12:10 – 13:00) ->… Read More »OPen House 2021